The Exit Labs Story

the story

Expats Matt Regan from Australia and James Li from the U.S ventured to Taiwan several years ago and never left. Both had been working as visual designers since the age of dirt and recently decided to join forces to start Blimp Creative. The brand Exit Labs is one of the side projects that Blimp Creative embarked upon in the fall of 2010. It began with the simple urge to build something using bare hands in the real world rather than just moving a mouse and stylus around in the two-dimensional one. Matt reminisced about the early days when he would jump on his mom's sewing machine to make an assortment of clothing, accessories and weapons. From that boyhood memory came forth the idea to design a utility bag that was durable enough to withstand harsh elements - ones that congested urban cities can unleash. So Blimp Creative set out to create a functional and affordable bag for the city commuter.

The Build

Exit Labs is a brand that aims to act responsibly throughout the design process. All Exit Labs products are made entirely with sustainable processes. This means:

Limited Edition Builds

Exit Labs encourages mindful design. Each product is made only with fabric and components that are readily available. New designs are available every week in units of up to 3.

Local Pride and Support

The image of Taiwan being a maker of cheap plastic knock-off goods has changed. It is now recognized as a place where innovative design flourishes, redefining that old joke 'Made in Taiwan'. Exit Labs sources all their material in Taiwan and utilizes the skill of family-owned businesses to bring you the best product possible.

The Environment

Exit Labs builds its products from readily available hardened stock fabrics. This means unnecessary production and dyeing is minimized. Simply put, all the leftovers are used to ensure that each piece of fabric is fully utilized.

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